Grocery Delivery or Pick up myself

Staying Wed thru Easter: Wanting to pick up some room snacks and breakfast items bacon/ eggs/bread/ fruit/ soda/water / Frozen pizza and maybe some beer(so no amazon prime) staying at BLT. Trying to decide between delivery and going myself(we have a car). Do Fl grocery sell beer (I know they sell wine)? Closest grocery to BLT? Recommendations for delivery company? Or for these few items should I just get them onsite( and pay a little extra for the time it will save)
Thank you!!

I’m pretty sure you can order beer via amazon prime now. I’d do that.

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The fact that you want to get frozen items suggests you’ll want to put it away immediately, which means you’ll have to wait around for it to arrive. If it were me, I’d just drive to the closest grocery store and pick up items myself. Cheaper, and potentially faster. I know there are several Publix options within 15 minutes. There are probably other closer options as well.


Prime Now do beer and wine. We use it every time, great service and good prices. :+1: We also get frozen goods - Bell Services store them for us until we collect and we’ve never had an issue with anything defrosting, including tubs of Ben & Jerry’s.

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