Grocery delivery options

Hi all! We will be staying at Royal Pacific in June and would like a few grocery items delivered. When we stay at DIsney we use Garden Grocer as they will leave the order with bell services who then brings it up when we arrive. I am seeing on the Garden Grocer website that at the Universal resorts I will have to meet the driver in person. However, they only provide the option of a four hour time block for delivery which, obviously, could cut into park time since we won’t have an exact delivery time. Any other options besides Garden Grocer and one where I won’t have to be there in person to accept the order exactly when it arrives? Thanks!


I had Amazon fresh delivery dropped off at bell services at Portofino. There weren’t any refrigerated items, however.

Otherwise, there’s a Publix nearby and Instacart will deliver from there to the Universal resorts.

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I called Garden Grocer, and they said once my order was placed they would call to confirm a delivery time. The driver will then contact me about 30 minutes prior to delivery to confirm that the time still works. I went ahead and placed our order now, and sure enough about five minutes later I received a call to set up a specific delivery time. If our room isn’t ready, then the order can be left with bell services. I just need to be physically present to meet the driver. :blush:


We used walmart grocery service for that exact reason- they offer 1 hour delivery windows and called us when they were in the lobby to meet them.
They also offered delivery until 10 pm

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