Grinchmas show...when to arrive?

During our upcoming trip, we have allocated one day to see Universal at Christmas. We’re not planning to do any rides (although, if we have a moment, we still might hop in line for one or two…but that’s by no means the goal).

We definitely want to see Grinchmas. Number one priority, and really likely the very first thing we want to get in line for when we arrive. So, the question is…when should we plan to get in line for the first showing of the day?

Originally, we were going to head into Hollywood Studios in the morning briefly before heading over, but we decided to just drop HS entirely that day and focus exclusively on Universal.

No idea, so I’m following as well. I really wanted to see Grinchmas last time I was at UOR for holiday season, but I didn’t work out. Hopefully, this time, I’ll get to see the shows I missed previously.

Last year, I think we arrived about 40 minutes prior…and DS complained for the full 40 minutes if I remember correctly.


Depending on how busy the park is when you visit, you’ll want to get in line 15 to 40 minutes before the show is scheduled to begin.

Roughly 10 minutes before the start time, guests are led from a queue area inside Seuss Landing, next to the Circus McGurkus Café Stoo-pendous, to the former location of Blue Man Group Theatre located between Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida.

Here’s a great article with all the details -

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You know I’m a TP fan, but the TP article is, basically, just a book report on the show.

I liked that the OI article had a photos showing the queue and entrance. Since they haven’t been before it can be awkward to show where BMG theater / Grinch Theater is located. Plus, OI gave the tip about how far in advance to arrive.

Just constructive input on why I choose the OI article over TP. :innocent:


I agree with you. The Touring Plans article doesn’t really contain the kind of info I want to know. The OI pretty much did. But I’m sure there are those who would be looking for a show “review” as well.

Now I’m wondering, even with the OI input, about arrivals times as it related to our specific day we’ll be there, and which showing. Like, is the first showing more or less likely to fill up earlier? Should we target trying to get there for the second (or even third) show instead? If only there was some site that was dedicated to predicting wait times for attractions… :wink:

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IME - The first show of the morning is usually the slowest. People are still wanting that “first” ride or attractions. Shows fill after lunch when people want to get off their feet.


Okay. This is good info. Now that we are skipping HS in the morning, we have the opportunity to get there in time to make the first show.

Thanks for the feedback, really. Let me know what else you’d like to see in these Getting to Know articles as I’m trying to balance general info with deeper insights and touring info.

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For me, I’m simply looking for information on how we should ideally plan our day for tackling seeing as much of the Universal Christmas stuff as possible. We are starting to watching some vloggers about it now so that we can make a game plan. But knowing which showing of Grinchmas, versus when to go see the Parade and where, versus seeing the Hogwart’s castle show after dark, etc. It is tricky, because one park closes at 6, the other at 7, and we have a single day to see as much of the Christmas decor and such as we can.

We’re starting with figuring out when best to hit up Grinchmas! :slight_smile: