Great listen if you guys missed it! Len talks with Matt Hochberg about Cruising and Travel Industry

Listen here

You know its a good conversation if it starts with - Len “How’s it going Matt” Matt - “OUTSTANDING!”
Take a listen, learn and enjoy! Miss hearing these guys together and I assumed some of you would too.


I began listening on my way to work this morning and will finish the episode tonight . Thank you for posting this since it is such a great conversation!

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Oh this will be great! Two of my favorite podcasters! I have actually been wondering what poor Matt has been doing with himself with no cruises for 9+ months!

I also just finally reached out to a TA to think about spending my future cruise credit! Bring on the vaccine!


I listen to the RC Blog Podcast every week. It was great to have a show about the future!

I have to say, if anyone does not usually listen, “the Jetson’s” made my day. Don’t miss it!


This was a great listen! Thanks for sharing.

Honestly, I could listen to @len all day. Great podcasting personality. :+1:
(I already listen to the Disney Dish).


I told my friend that listening to Len and Jim Hill is so calming for me. Jim sounds like Santa Claus and Len has that data nerd voice (that’s a compliment by the way). I could listen all day. I just feel the stress melting off of me.