Great America Theme Park Closing "in up to 11 years"

I thought this was a joke at first, but it might be interesting to some.

Have you visited that one? Interesting it will still be operating for so long.

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I have not. It’s across the country from me. Wonder if any other liners have?

I’ve been there, it was over 10 years ago though. Had some great coasters and my DD(then maybe 5) enjoyed the SpongeBob kid rides and M&G.

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Have to wonder why Cedar Fair bought it to begin with. Perhaps they plan to pilfer some of the existing rides from it to move them to other parks? Obviously, if they plan to close it, they wouldn’t be investing in any improvements to the park other than general maintenance.

It is also possible, given the timing of when they bought it, and then COVID coming shortly afterwards, they they saw a significant loss from it when they thought they might start generating revenue from it.

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