Gravity Falls in the parks?


Just became addicted to Gravity Falls. Is there anything in the park related to the cartoon? Any merchandise? Thank you!


Oooo I would like to know the answer to this too! We love Gravity Falls :heart_eyes:


My daughter is a huge fan so we have been on the lookout. Nothing! Not one thing.


The only Gravity Falls stuff we ever found were Vinylmations. I didn't see that particular set available this time around though.
We lucked out and got Dipper, Mabel, Stan and Bill.
Really miss that show!!!


:cry: say it ain't so @Wahoohokie!!


you do realize you have to brag with photos now, right @disney1974??? :wink:


Your wish is my command @quicha


Sorry for the dust!! Not so noticeable from the floor...


thank you @disney1974! You just made my day!!!!


bill cypher was the secret chaser in that set....there are a couple on ebay right now for 80.00+...we'll never sell :grin:


Love these :heart_eyes: