Grand Opening of Villas at Disneyland Hotel

I’m watching a vlog and there was quite a lot of fanfare around this

  • Live music
  • Countdown with confetti
  • Media tours before guest entry
  • LOADS of people all around

I don’t recall quite so much when Riviera opened - was there?

Or was this more overdone because it’s DL and they have almost no DVC there?

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I do remember the fanfare when GFV opened.

But I did find this from Riviera’s opening.

Also Since this is an appropriate place to post it:


Oh good! Glad to know east coast got the same celebratory treatment

I must have not been following that closely?

Also it was pre-covid and so much of the before times is blurry now :laughing:


Decembver 16, 2019 BC

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