Grand Floridian Walkway to Magic Kingdom is a go!

I have a very practical question…how does one know what permits have or have not been filed? Is there an on-line website you can go to search this kind of thing?

I’m always amazed when people know so much about what permits have been filed, so I’m figuring there is an easy way.

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So before work can actually start on a construction project they have to file a Notice of Commencement”. These are very vague but give a clue as to what is going to happen, from the address.

These are found on Here’s an example:

Then thee are also some filed with the South Florida Water Management District, which are reared but contain a lot more info, with plans etc

Like this:

There is an amazing guy over on WDWMagic who checks on these and posts interesting ones. He (@danlb_2000) is the person who with a couple of others managed to deduce the Gondola project, complete with the route, simply from the permits alone (none of which actually said gondolas or anything else, they simply looked at where the structures - the towers - were going and worked out what it could be).

Here’s a link to the thread if you want to look at different types of permits”, which really aren’t permits as such.


Look at this stuff! Isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think your collection of knowledge is complete?

You are just a treasure trove of information. Thanks.


Awwww, thank-you. .

Yet I can’t help but notice no heart…, just sayin’ …! :wink:


Call me “Tin Man”.



No worries, just continuing the running gag!

And happy to be proved wrong, perhaps. Nothing on the Disney Parks Blog yet, and I don’t know much about this site but they are saying Disney have confirmed it.


Speculation is that there’s room for another small DVC resort along that walkway. But they wouldn’t put in the walkway first (or WOULD THEY??).


Gosh I hope they wouldn’t put in another resort in that space. Overcrowding!


They confirmed the walkway?

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Well, a friend asked TLP (the laughing place) on Twitter how it had been confirmed, since they didn’t really specify the source. They responded saying they had emailed Disney asking if they could confirm the rumour, to which the answer had been “yes”.

Plus a minor insider confirmed the plans for the re-do of the security outside MK (like making the security checks more permanent structures etc) had included changes to the path round to the canal.

In those plans, which are available, although they don’t show much on the path itself, there is what looks to be a security checkpoint near the end of the path, kind of between the monorail and the lagoon.

So, yes it seems like it. I have to say I was really sceptical, but happy to be proved wrong.

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If they build it, guests will come.




I think it’s reasonably likely they want to put in another “wing” of GFV in there.

There are also rumblings that the next resort after Reflections could be the Venetian, or at least one on the site of the Venetian. That was one of the original planned ones, which would go between the TTC and Contemporary. What stopped it last time was that the ground was considered unsuitable for building. Presumably they think there’s some way now to overcome that.

But who really knows? The plans for the resort right by the Epcot main gate seemed to have been given the go-ahead, but were then shelved for the time being.

Here is a great video on the original resorts that never got built:


Never mind. Lol

Anyone have any idea when this might be completed? G-Flo (Grand Floridian’s DJ name) isn’t on my list, but it might have to be if this is ready by April 2020.


I doubt it would be that early. No permits have been filed yet for construction, this is just pumping out water from a swamp.

In time for the 50th in 2021 is my guess.

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Well GF and Poly just became waaay more competitive to the Contemporary in my eyes (I absolutely adore that morning walk to MK). And to walk to MK without dealing with that stop at the traffic light? All the better.


Agreed. It’s a pleasant walk in the morning and evening. And it takes pressure off the monorail and bus system.