Grand Floridian Sugarloaf Club level

I am trying to understand the benefits to staying club level. I already booked a 6 night stay, so want to utilize the benefits. I have figured out the lounge but have questions about the CLFPP options and any other perks I should be sure to be aware of for our trip at the end of May. The 90 day mark is fast approaching! It is me, myDH and DD 14…you all know everything!

CLFP, to sum it up briefly, is $50 per person per day with a 3 day minimum. You can book 3 FP’s any park, any tier per day at 90 days from your checkout day. You can also book your regular FP’s at the same time.

As for other perks as well as more info on these, here is one page with info:

You can find a bunch of other sites too. It’s been 15+ years since I stayed at GF so I don’t have much resort specific insight.

vndt-this is very helpful. I appreciate the response!

While we haven’t stayed CL at the GF, we have at BWI and YC. The main benefits as we see it are:

  1. CLFP- I highly recommend these. You probably won’t need all 6 days- e.g. your arrival and departure days. We stayed 6 nights and ended up getting 4 days. You’re already spending plenty, a little more could make a huge difference in your experience.

  2. Lounge- I have heard the food at the GF is excellent. We always had breakfast, and usually dinner in the lounge. We’re not foodies, though, and (with a couple of notable exceptions) are not that impressed by the restaurants at WDW. But even if we were, it’s hard to do ADRs, CLFPs and also take an afternoon break. There just isn’t time. For us, we’d skip more ADRs next time, and just eat in the lounge.

  1. Free alcoholic drinks. Desserts & drinks in the evening were very nice. We also took some back to our room and that seemed to be fine.

They also will deliver purchases to your room, which was very convenient.

GF Sugarloaf was lovely! I think it’s probably the “most food”.

I loved their afternoon teatime.

Honestly, I would stay there and never leave the resort. :joy::joy:

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Thank you for the insight and advice. I love the hints about food…

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I think that sounds about right, but my 14 year old has other ideas! We are getting excited!

Oh my- what’s that like? Is that in the club lounge? That sounds lovely.
The BWI has their special Sunday brunch but I could easily be lured away by afternoon tea. One of our best memories of WDW is a GF teatime with just DD & me many years ago.