Grand Floridian Room Request

Hello! After being bumped from Beach Club, to Poly, to Grand Floridian, we ended up with a Theme Park View – Outer Building! Looking at room request info and wondering if anyone would recommend a building? I have never used room request before but on this trip we plan to do a lot of balcony sitting :slight_smile: Any favorites? It’s a 2 queen room. Part of me was secretly hoping for an upgrade to 1 br if we just roll the dice but I think that may be pressing our luck. Would love your thoughts!

That’s a great upgrade. This is from TP blog- I also like to check out the room views.

“Room 7130: Theme Park View room in Conch Key that is partially blocked by a tree.

Of the five lodges, three—Conch Key, Boca Chica, and Big Pine Key—have one long side facing the lagoon and the other facing inner courtyards and swimming pools. At Conch Key, full-balcony rooms 7229–7231, 7328, 7329, 7331, and 7425–7431 (except 7430) offer vistas across the lagoon to the Magic Kingdom and castle. Room 7427 is just about perfect. Less-expensive rooms in the same building that offer good marina views are 7212, 7312, 7412–7415, 7417, 7419, 7421, 7513–7515, and 7517. (Grand Floridian room numbers are coded. Take room 7213: 7 is the building number, 2 is the floor, and 13 is the room number.) In Boca Chica and Big Pine Key, ask for a lagoon-view room on the first, second, or third floor. Many garden-view rooms in Big Pine Key, and a few in Boca Chica, have views obstructed by a poolside building. These are the worst views from any Grand Floridian room.”

A W E S O M E THANK YOU @MeetMeAtThePoly!!