Grand Floridian Resort & Spa-Outer Bldg - Garden View

When requesting rooms seems the TP picks at are all in Conch Key. I am doing online check in so presume I should request Conch Key and High Floor and hope for the best? And follow up 3-4 days before with fax/phone call to request some sort of lagoon view if possible (i guess thats technically an upgrade :wink: )?

@mjw, I usually have my initial request noted on my reservation, at time of booking. Right - about 4 days before check-in I call and make sure the request is noted. When I get to the hotel for check-in, I check restate my request. Yes - some room view categories are different booking categories with different charges.

Let us know how this goes, please!

Will let u know in 24 days! Noted prefs thru reservations and on line check in and will call too. Can’t hurt!

I requested “Conch Key building #7 on the 3rd or 4th floor facing north-west. If this was not available, a room in Boca Chica building #8 facing east would be a great alternative.”

Got Boca Chica 3rd floor facing north with a partial view of the fireworks obscured by Narcoossee’s – which I thought was a super result

The TP room finder is not working for me (Sugarloaf roll in shower room) It shows me the same rooms not matter what I choose. I remember someone saying that it was a glitch. Maybe that is what you are experiencing.

I made request notes in my original reservation then faxed the resort 4 days prior (stopped at a gas bar as we drove from Canada!). I requested a building close to the boat, overlooking what I would only expect to be a beautiful view, not too close to a pool (we like it quiet) and also mentioned that we were celebrating our 24th anniversary (true!). I was sure to be very complimentary of the resort (of which I had only read about) and was extremely respectful in my requests. (Would you be able to…? Might it be possible…?) Well, we got a room that was overlooking the waterway with a side view of Wishes fireworks! Finally, I made sure to send a personal thank you email to the CM responsible for booking our room. And he, in turn, replied with a thank you for my thank you. Lol

Oops! Forgot to mention…it was Conch Key!

Hey all. I am staying GV outer building in August. When I use the room finder, it seems to always show me Conch Key. Is this the only building that has GV rooms, or is that because it is the TP pick? Anyone have any suggestions for us :slight_smile: Traveling with young children, so would like to be close to transportation.

We stayed in Conch Key 2 weeks ago and loved it. We were in room 7215 and loved the view – the kids (DD13 and DS10) loved watching the monorail go by and we saw really great sunsets. We were literally steps away from the deck at Narcoossee’s and watched the fireworks there 3 times (the last time we were packing to go home the next morning and I realized it was 8:55 and announced I was going to watch Wishes one more time … I was on the deck with my Solo cup of wine 2 min. later :blush: ). Also, the ferry dock is right there, too – when you come back from MK on the boat, it’s just steps to your room. It took 3-4 min. to walk to the main building (monorail, buses and dining). Also, the Courtyard Pool is really close. The Beaches Pool (waterside and kiddy pool) are a little further away, but no more than a 5 min. walk. There’s laundry on the first floor of Conch Key, too (I’m guessing that’s in every building, though?). DH had a conference at GF and the conference organizers led me to believe we’d be in Sago Cay, which is right next to the conference center. But Conch Key was wonderful. The only request I made was lagoon view – we had never been there before and I decided to not be overly picky about room requests. It worked out great for us! Also, we walked to the Poly on our last night and got Dole Whips for the kids – very fun!

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Thanks :slight_smile: from what I’ve found online, it seems the outer buildings have a great layout. I don’t care which one they put us in, I think! I’d like to be close to the boat dock I think for late returns from MK. Getting excited!