Grand Floridian - Outer Building Garden View Room?

Looking at booking an outer building garden view room at GF in November.
We never stayed here and am looking for any advice on this particular room type…what is it like in the outer building vs main building?? Does it still feel like you’re in the resort? Is it far from transportation/main lobby, how far? Room # recommendations? TIA! :slight_smile:

Where do I start?!

We stayed in a deluxe garden view (in one of the towers) in Big Pine Key, fourth floor with a view over the pool. That wasn’t our first choice as we’d requested top floor Conch Key because we wanted a quieter room. However we thoroughly enjoyed the room we had. Over looking the pool we could even see the fireworks from Wishes over the top of the building in front, I actually think the room we got had a better view than the one we requested just maybe a bit noisier but it wasn’t that loud and didn’t bother us.

On the following video of our view you can see the pool building below, you can also see all the outer buildings except Sago Cay (which I think would class as lagoon view anyway) which is behind Sugar Loaf - the building seen last on the left. All the outer buildings are close to the main building which is just out of view to the left of Sugar Loaf.

Bus and monorail transportation is just a short walk through the lobby. The furthest building away is probably Conch Key (closest to boat transport and Narcoosees) and Boca Chica the other side of the pool to the main building. But even then they’re close in my opinion.

I wouldn’t want to stay in one of the lower floors of Boca Chica or Big Pine Key because the pool building is in front of a lot of the rooms. But seeing over the top of it like we were wasn’t a problem. I would request a higher floor of any building, just a personal choice, then it would depend on how close you want to be to lifts/doors.

Our stay at the Grand Floridian was a lifetime dream and we weren’t disappointed. We loved walking round the beautiful resort. Transportation was good, we often used the boats instead of the monorail, especially on the way back from MK because GF is the first stop.

This picture was taken just outside the main building and looking towards the pool with Boca Chica at the back and Big Pine Key on the right.

This is a map of the resort:

I hope that helps. If you have any questions please ask. We loved it and hope you have as wonderful a time as we did.

Sorry just watched the video again and you can see Sago Cay just in the background to the left of Sugar Loaf building.

Thank you! Just the kind of info I was looking for! And great photos. I love this forum and all of the knowledgable people here! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Looks gorgeous, and I doubt you can go wrong with any room at GF, lol…but just wasn’t sure what to expect from the outer building rooms. They look amazing though!

They are amazing! So comfortable. We did take time to enjoy the pool with the waterfall too and the cocktails of course :wink: The centre pool always seemed really busy so we preferred the one with the slide and waterfall. But we never did get chance to see the spa and fitness suite, I think the walking 8-10 miles a day was enough :joy: