Grand Floridian or Poly Studio?

I had to pause my regular Disney research for covid and now I feel very out of the loop! I would love some Liner insight. I’m planning a March trip for my family of 5. Looking at a 5-person room at the Grand Floridian outer building or a studio at the Polynesian. Can anyone speak to either resort in terms of what’s open and how the transportation options are? Prices are comparable. The Polynesian studio has the bonus of an extra shower and kitchenette.

My husband won’t ride buses, but we love to walk. We normally stay on the Boardwalk so we can walk to two parks, but that doesn’t appear to be a great option this time.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Either of those resorts will require buses. Poly monorail isn’t available right now due to construction, so you’ll have to walk to TTC. Epcot line isn’t running at any resort, so you have to bus it.

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Pools, bars at each resort (enchanted rose/tambu-pool bars), and QS are open at both resorts. Poly has Kona restaurant, GF have the GF Cafe and Narcoossee.

You can walk (GF is closer)or boat (GF boats are running?) to MK. The monorail is running from the TTC and GF but not Poly.

All other transportation is by buses.

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We stayed in a Poly studio in August and a GF deluxe room in November. the GF room we had only slept 4. We were in Boca Chica.

The Poly was spacious. We were on the 3rd floor so we had a legit balcony. The 2 showers were helpful (2 toilets would be better - just my personal opinion). The kitchenette is always a plus.

The GF was also a spacious room. If you can get one that definitely sleeps 5, that’s great.

Between the 2, and if there was no construction, I’d go Poly every time.
Since the monorail is down there, I think I’d go GF for the time being.

You can walk to MK from either but it’s a longer walk from Poly.

You can’t go wrong with either. Oh, Poly pools are better, by far.

If DH won’t ride the buses, you’re going to have to have a car or Uber/Lyft to everywhere but MK.

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The GF studios sleep 5. Do the other rooms not?

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Oh my goodness… I’m confused. We actually stayed in a regular hotel room, not DVC.

No! I was just wondering if it was dvc and not a regular room but when I look it seems they offer room at the GF from 3-8?

If you are talking about staying in a villa at GF or Poly, the rooms are great at both with an extra bathroom/shower. For a family of 5, if you are not considering the villa, and looking at regular hotel room, I would push you towards the villa room. Just a better room. GF has better food options in my opinion (less Polynesian spice), and is a shorter walk to MK. We usually stay at Polynesian for the vibe, but the construction pushed us to GF this April. Either way, you named our two favorite hotels at Disney, so enjoy!

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Our room definitely was only for 4 people. No murphy bed, just the 2 queen beds.

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We had an outer building resort room at GF with a sofa bed. It was situated where the fan was blowing on it and my kid ended up in one of the regular beds instead. I don’t know if this is how they all are.

We also have stayed at Poly and kiddo did not have any discomfort from fan blowing directly/being cold there.

At GF, I love GF cafe, did not love the quick service place (but others really do).

At Poly, I did not like Kona cafe, but did enjoy the food at both the pool and quick service places.

My kids liked the GF pool in the main courtyard, and the oasis one at Poly more than the slide ones, but that was because they were insanely crowded.

Walkability is definitely a positive for GF. So is having a real second bed instead of the sofa sleeper at Poly.

The extra shower was nice at Poly and may kick over to a Poly win with 5 people.

Are the other three in your party all kids? What ages?

For parks other than Mk, will you Uber or have a car?

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This is good to know about the beds and fan. The other three in our party are all kids- 11, 9 and 7. Our 11 year old son will be in the pull down bed. I don’t think he will complain- it’s better than sharing with his sisters! We will have to Uber/Lyft to the other resorts.

I booked the GF 5-person room, but I just found DVC availability for a Poly studio for our dates so I snatched it up! Looks like a Poly trip for us! If anyone has any Poly tips, I would love to hear them.

We are normally a Boardwalk area family, so this will be a new adventure. It’s also our first trip since Covid, so plenty of things will be different. I’m just hoping it all works out, and we will be grateful just to be in wdw!

Thanks for all of the info!

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You will be happier at Poly IMO. My family of 5 (2 adults, 3 elementary age kids) have stayed at both and the Poly studio is remarkably more livable as the kids get bigger lol. We felt very cramped at GF. I am sure you can find a website that compares sq ft of each but with the kitchenette and two bathrooms in the Poly DVC studio, it is by far my top pick!