Grand Floridian MK View or Club

I was looking at a vacation to Disney for my kids and my mother in law. What would be your choice to book the GF Magic Kingdom View room or Club Level?

My kids are 17, 13, and 10 (she turns 11 on our vacation) and then me and my mother in law.

All suggestions would be AWESOME :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’d likely lean MK view. My guess is that type of view is one your kids will remember for a lifetime, particularly if you’re there long enough to catch fireworks and the Electric Boat Parade once or twice. While “free” food would be awesome it is unlikely to be a long term memory. If the cost is close to the same, I’d go for the view in this case. My initial inclination was “both” but I don’t think Sugar Loaf offers any really good opportunities to spy the castle and enjoy Club Level at the same time - main building may offer some options on both, but I’d also presume those are prohibitively expensive options.

We had a lagoon view a few years ago which had a reasonable view of Space Mountain & the Castle thru some trees. My family will always remember that view as it was spectacular - loved watching fireworks, the electric boat parade and just being out on the deck to enjoy the view…