Grand Floridian-Main Building Concierge-which room type, is outer building better

I currently have reservations for a longish stay at the GF beginning 10/1. There were Passholder prices on a King Bed/Theme Park view in an outer building. There was also a price for a King Bed concierge room in the main building. Bargain is hardly the word I’d use for these prices, but I still booked the main building. I have questions about room request, and about whether concierge service is worth having less than two months out.

  1. I will either be given a room with a theme park view, or what they call an “octagon” room. I am having trouble identifying these rooms on the room finder. Does anyone know which room and floor would be preferable. Are the outer building theme park views just as nice?

  2. I tend to play golf in the early mornings, relax in the afternoon, and then go to the parks later. There are few things for which I’d stand in a long line (new Star Wars will be an exception). I will be paying approximately $230/day more to be in the main building with my spouse. Are the rooms, or any of the services actually worth it. I have days to change my mind and alter the reservations I don’t expect a lot of sympathy for my plight, but if there is someone with experience vacationing at WDW on the luxury side, I’d appreciate opinions.

I can’t necessarily answer the question about the views, but we have stayed CL in the main building and in the outer building and the main building is far superior. Actually the outer building CL was just disappointing. I would love to have the money to stay in the main building again–it was wonderful. I will have to say that $230/day more is a big price difference.

I haven’t stayed main building, but being much closer to the restaurants, monorail and buses would seem to certainly be a positive. You are further from the boat to MK and the pool but that’s pretty much it. Is it a $230 day a positive? That I’m less certain of, but it all depends on how much $230 per means to you really. I would expect CL at the main GF building to be a once in a lifetime type experience though…

And I will say if they promise a theme park view, it should be outstanding. We had a lagoon view in an outer building once and got a room with a slightly obstructed view of the castle (framed by 2 trees) that was amazing.

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Thanks. If I stay in an outer building it won’t be club level. But then, again, I’m not sure that Club Level makes a big difference, especially since it’s less than 60 days to the trip. Would welcome input.

We stayed CL in the main building before the 90 day extra FPP thing started.
It truly was a wonderful experience. It was just my DH and myself and it was our anniversary. We didn’t spend all day in the parks–it was more of a relaxing trip.
The service in the lounge was outstanding. We loved the evening time when we had drinks and appetizers while listening to the band below–the main building lounge overlooks the lobby area and you can hear the band and the piano player. The whole trip just felt special.

Mizner’s is going through a refurb currently so I’m not sure what the state of the band and piano player setup is. We didn’t go in the GF on our recent trip so I’m not sure how affected it is. Just something to mention that may be worth researching prior to pulling the trigger on a main building CL I think…