Grand Floridian lobby refurbishment

Does anyone know the completion date for the Grand Floridian lobby-refurbishment? I’m going there in early October and I love it to be completed by then. From what I can see on blogs all they are doing is patchwork and painting. No structural works at all

From my understanding the lobby refurb has been postponed until 2024. The current situation going on is for completion of the lobby guest rooms and painting the interior. The lobby right now is a mess, almost completely blocked off for a staging area for equipment for the crew to paint. I have also heard though the gingerbread shingles have started baking. So the guess is the gingerbread house will be up for the holidays. So i would imagine all the staging in the lobby will get cleared out for the holidays and then the lobby will he back down again next year for the refurb. Fingers crossed for your trip! We were supposed to be there Labor Day week and moved to Riviera. I don’t want my vibe killed with all the construction.

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I’ll be there 10/22, so here’s to hoping things are looking better by then!

oof I’m going in 8 days, such a bummer that it will be a mess!