Grand Floridian 2 Bedroom Villas

We have booked a 2 bedroom villa at the Grand Floridian - I have seen that some villas have two queen beds in room 2, and some have 1 queen bed and 1 queen sofa bed in room 2. How can I ensure that the villa we get is the one with two beds? Thank you!

They are bookable categories.

A lock-off 2-bed has a studio connected to a 1-bed. Those have a queen bed and a pull-out, plus kitchenette in the studio part. That will show as a “lock-off” on MDE.

If MDE simply says a 2-bedroom, that is a dedicated villa, and the second bedroom will have two queen beds in it.


Excellent news - ME has no mention of LO. Thanks for the quick answer!

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I’m wondering if it might be useful to still put in a request for the room type you want, just to be sure they don’t relocate you etc?

They will not give you a category you didn’t book, unless there is an inventory issue.

You can still make a room request, but it is just a request.