Gran Destino Tower: questions for the experienced guest

  1. Which pool is closest?

  2. Is that pool the best? Why or why not?

  3. Do both pools have hot tubs?

  4. Does either pool have a locker room?

  5. Does either pool have a sauna?

  6. How is El Centro for quick service? What do you recommend? What should one avoid (no allergies or other restrictions)?

  7. Are there coffee makers in the room? What kind?


Wish I could help you with info on the pool, but sorry I can’t. Never been one for public pools maybe cause I have one at home. Anyway if memory serves, there is a Kureg in the room not a conventional coffee maker like DVC rooms. DW had gone to El Centro once but did not like it at all. I wish i could remember exactly why but I do remember it was kinda dingy and old. It is in the old section of the convention center so it is a bit of a walk to get to.

Too bad they did not update it when they built the Tower

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Yes, Keurig machines in the room.
We didn’t really like El Centro either. If you have a family who wants different things, it can be a hassle going to all the different stations to order, especially bc they seem very slow to me.

We didn’t use the pool on our one night stay there, but I feel like the quiet pool in the cabanas and the dig site pool are about the same distance now with the walkway across the lake.


Thank you both. That is helpful information


There is one main themed pool with slide that my kids loved. There is a snack place there with fries, salads, cup refills. I don’t remember a sauna only a hot tub at the main pool. There are quiet pools that we also like and try to get a room near one. Quiet pools have laundry rooms. Food court is typical. This one got my one son hooked on omelets.


Just got home from there yesterday and got pixie dusted into a water view corner room. From the view, the main dig site pool and the quiet pool in the cabanas section were probably equal walking distance but we only went to the dig site because it’s well themed and the kids were obsessed with the water slide. Big hot tub at dig site pool but no sauna the I saw. I want to say that I saw some lockers in the bathroom at the main pool but can’t remember for sure.
Every time we walked through El Centro, none of the food places were open but maybe we were going at weird times (mostly getting ice cream from the gift shop). One other interesting thing is that if you are a refillable mug person, they don’t do it at Coronado Springs, at least not currently. I was told this is because all the restaurants there are owned by third parties


This is new then or a covid limitation thing. Cuz you used to be able to refill mugs in the bakery, poolside, and the food court area across from Rix.

The refill thing is gonna hurt. My family usually would grab a soda in the evening after returning from the parks; it was kinda part of our routine. After our return home, using a WDW mug for my morning coffee always brought a smile and fond memories. Now, I’m not sure I’ll be able to justify the cost. :frowning:

The G-League games finished yesterday, with play-offs finishing on the 11th.

Both Cafe Rix and El Mercado are re-opening today full-time, and Sisestas as of March 12th. I would think maybe the refillable mugs might also start being available again, maybe even from today. Not quite sure why they would have been affected by the league, but maybe it’s just that CMs were pulled to do the catering for the league.

The what-now? G-League games?

It’s the minor league of the NBA. The teams have been staying at CSR.

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Other resorts have the refillable mugs…, I’ve seen them as a choice for mobile order and ppl have reported using pictures and receipts of them to get free beverages when at other resorts they are visiting that’s sad if they don’t have them at CSR when they always have in the past. The pic is captain hooks Mobil order

I know other resorts have them.

I was wondering if the reason CSR didn’t was because most of the CMs at CSR had been pulled off to do the NBA catering rather than operate the refillable mugs.

The G-League teams have been staying at CSR. And now that most games are finished the restaurants and bars are re-opening. Therefore it seems likely that food operations at CSR have been.affected by the NBA.

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Would you mind sharing your room number and your thoughts about your room location? Client has a water view room and am looking to help guide them in arranging their TP room request.

Thank you!

We were in 781 which looked out over the lake and the cabanas section. Didn’t take a particular picture out of the cabanas facing window but here is the lake view

It was as far away from the elevator as you can get in the tower but even that does not seem far (I’m comparing to being at the very end of the hall at BWV in December—it seemed like that hallway never ended)


Great view!

Thanks for sharing the number!

Did you feel like you were up high enough to feel like you were TOWERing over stuff??

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Towering IS a feeling I felt. I also think that the 7th floor is the highest you can get for a corner room with two windows. We counted one day while eating ice cream by the lake. Obviously the tower goes up much higher but above the 7th (or maybe 8th) floor the windows just face one direction.
Will also mention for your sake, though you can’t see it in the picture above, you can see Everest and the top of the tree of life from that window.


Oh my.

I will file that away for when I get to stay there.

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