Gran destino tower club level vs boardwalk non club at Christmas

We are doing anniversary trip December 2020 and have Gran Destino tower club level booked but are debating on switching to boardwalk area resorts. Any advice?

We’ve stayed at the YC and BWI Club level, and really liked BWI, so have been going there lately. The reviews on the Gran Destino CL are outstanding, though. What is the particular reason why you might want to switch?

We are staying at Gran Destino tower club level in less than 4 weeks. I chose it because we wanted to buy the extra FPP each day since we will be there between Christmas and New Years. If I wasn’t going to participate in that, I would have chosen an Epcot resort as we love that area. While Gran Destino looks amazing, the lack of any walkability or access to a park is a downside for me. I am also not sure we will be around to partake in the club level food offerings as we spend most of our time in the parks and have a lot of must do table service restaurants in the parks. If you want to buy the extra FPP, Gran Destino is the least expensive option (and looks beautiful). The boardwalk area is lovely, we stayed at BWV in April and love the location with access to 2 parks. But, it is not nearly as new and sparkly as Gran Destino. If you won’t be using the club lounge much, and like to be closer to the parks, I would chose a boardwalk resort (I actually prefer Beach Club to Boardwalk). They are both great options, it just depends what is most important to you.

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My husband thinks closer proximity to parks might be better. I have also been reading reviews of WL. I think WL might be a great choice at Christmas

Proximity is why we chose the BWI, plus they had a room size we wanted. The club offerings are also excellent, but I’d wager the club is a bit more crowded than at Gran Destino. That’s the only complaint I’d have about BWI CL. We have avoided BC recently because our kids are older and it can get a bit boisterous over there.