Grad Trip Room Request

I am looking for help with wording our room request. My family probably thinks I’m way over the top with all the questions I ask them. So, maybe I’ll avoid full throttle annoyance and someone here will understand all the excitement! (And fun in planning and requesting and questioning and…and…and…)
This will be a High School Grad Trip for our daughter. Our school has tradition of class parent sponsors working with students to build funds thru fundraisers and such, on their own time, to take a class graduation trip. (We are from a VERY small, rural school, her grad class has 24 kids.) However, my daughter’s class is not a close knit class and there are only 6 students that have decided to attempt a class trip. My daughter opted out, she wants her own trip. “I don’t hang out with them, why would I want 10 days with them?”
So, her choice was Disney!! I have been planning for the 3 First-Timers, and researching all the new and exciting for the 3 Returning! I’m starting to think I’m more excited than she is! LOL
We will be at Pop Century, May 27 check-in, June 3 check-out. We have 6 in our group. Myself, DH, DS 23, DD 18, DS 11, and DD 9. We have 2 rooms, so 2 reservation numbers. I would like to use the Room Request on TP, but am unsure in my wording.
Would anyone like to help out? I’m open to suggestions!
Currently, I have:
This is our daughter’s High School Graduation Trip! We would like to have 2 rooms adjacent to each other. We have our 4 children and would prefer to be as close as possible.
Reservation ##### - Name
Reservation ##### - Name

Do you want a door between them or just next to or around the corner?

If you want a door between them, you absolutely need to use the word “connecting”. There is a difference in travel-industry between “adjoining” - next to, across the hall, diagonal, or even just around the corner from - and “connecting” - a door between the rooms that can be opened to essentially make one room.

I used to work in a hotel and we always had issues with people using the wrong term (usually saying adjoining) and then getting mad when they got what they requested.

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Thank you!!

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You’re welcome! I always try to help out with that particular one (connecting/adjoining) since it’s so common.

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