Grad nights, will they affect my days?

My dd16 and I are going on a super quick 2 night universal trip May 18-20. Just saw that May 19 both parks close at 6 for a middle school graduation night. Kids can get into USF at 4, but not IOA. We can work around that, but will the party affect the crowds during the day on May 19 or May 20? Thanks!!

The biggest issue is how early they close. They will start forcing you to the front of the parks after 5:30pm and by 6pm they will have most of the general public completely out of the parks. So, it will affect your last hour. If you want to squeeze in a final ride make sure you are in the queue by 5:30pm.

Are you sure?? Typically, they can enter either park…

Here’s a link verifying that…

Kids will start showing up in CityWalk after 2pm. There will be A LOT of them after 3pm getting their wristbands, checking in and waiting at the entrances. You’ll definitely notice a difference in the crowds inside the parks after 4:30pm!

Have fun!!

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This is good to know, since it impacts our May 12 date.

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We sat on the porch of indecision and watched them just pour into the area one year. Huge numbers to be sure. If you are staying onsite, it shouldn’t effect you too much (does get busier early afternoon) but you definitely don’t want to be driving anywhere. Traffic around the area is horrendous.

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Thanks everyone. We may plan to leave by 3 on Friday. Hopefully we can get a lot done that morning and Saturday.