Grace Period for Genie+ LL at MK - 15min?

I was at AK yesterday with a LL return window of 145-245pm. I tried to tap in to Dinosaur (of all things!) at 330pm and the CM fussed at me and said it was 15 minutes grace period.
The queue was super in the weeds. LL was to the tapstile.
But I need clarification as I am trying to stack MK LL for this afternoon and evening! I reallllly don’t want to miss any rides.
I’ve read the threads and stickys on here about 119 minutes… But now I am concerned.
If I read the threads here correctly for a 245-345 I should get a green light no questions asked until 4:44 correct? Anyone with recent experience at MK? Thank you.

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Did you get a green light?

I did get a green light but she looked at the screen and fussed at me that I needed to be there 15 min after at the latest. Her LL queue was really backed up.

So I should expect a green light an hour after my time officially expires?

Also. I can modify a LL as many times as I want.
Like book Jungle Cruise at 4pm but if I see a 5 push it then a 7 push again?

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Honestly it is weird you got a green light. I’d have expected a blue light and then it would be up to the CM whether to let you pass. I think normally you can expect green 5 minutes before your time and 15 minutes after. Outside of those times it typically turns blue and then it is CM discretion which might be aided by your story of woe on why you were late.

Yes - there’s no limit to how many times you can push a LL beyond said LL’s availability. I’ve slid a lunch LL multiple times when our meal ran unexpectedly long…

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No, you should get a green light for the whole 119 minutes. And usually with a green light CMs don’t say anything. It’s green so it’s valid.


Ok thanks for the quick response.
So if my LL is 245-345p i can expect a green light
From 245-400p?

What is the 119 minutes then that I saw in a sticky? I’m just trying to sort it all out.

One thing I did learn yesterday at FOP was a re ride due to ride failure will eat your paid ILL. That was frustrating but eventually sorted out.

I will do separate post about that after my trip concludes today.

The grace period is unofficially 119 mins, not 15 mins. It will turn green during that time and you can use it during that time. Later than that it will turn blue and will be at CM discretion.


Well @missoverexcited corrected me and indicated a green should be there for the full 59 minutes after as well. I was thinking that was only 15 but presume she is correct. I’m also presuming the system was 15 at one point (maybe in the FP+ days?) and I’ve since forgotten the update. I don’t recall that we’ve been that late to a LL recently to confirm.

Overall given it turned green, you should have been fine and I’m a little surprised the CM said something. I presume they let you ride though?

To clarify, it’s 59 mins for ILLs but 119 mins for LLs.


Yes, it seems since genie+ the time was extended. I have to imagine it’s the difference between getting to select your time with FP vs being forced into the time available that made them realize they had to give people more wiggle room, though they haven’t made that info public knowledge.


I think at busier times, they are going to be more hard-nosed about the grace period. There were times the LL was HUGE. Disney sets up the times of arrival for lightning lanes in order to keep the lines flowing…but the more people take advantage of the grace periods, the more it messes up the system and LLs get backed up.

Also, if a ride has had a recent break down, the LLs get backed up…so they would be less inclined to honor an extended grace period UNLESS your arrival window as during the breakdown.

I would not PLAN on them honoring any extended grace period. In practice, it usually isn’t a problem…but if you decided to purposely go outside your arrival window, Disney absolutely has the right to deny you entry.

Yall are THEBEST
Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Your pixie dust is really helping us have a great trip this week during very busy crowds. I will share my ILL experience at FOP yesterday where it ate my paid ILL due to a re ride due to mechanical issue . We worked it out but that knowledge may be valuable. It will be a long post though and I will contribute a fresh thread for that.