Grace Period after FPP

Heading out this weekend to WDW! :grin: I know that there is typically a 5 minute window prior to your FPP time when you can use it. Wasn’t sure how long the grace period after the window is. Is it 10 minutes or 15 minutes? Thanks for the help.

15 minutes after!


Be careful not to use the grace period if you have an anytime FP though, it will take it and you’ll have to visit guest services to get it back.


5 mins early / 15 minutes late is the FPP window :wink:

I had a weird experience with this last week where we checked in well after our FPP expired and it didn’t use our anytimes (which I only discovered after explaining the situation to the cast member, her making me tap in anyway and saying I could go to guest services after, then spending 15 minutes in line for GET). So I wonder if they’ve changed this? The other option is that MK was CRAZY that day, 7DMT was down and the FPP line for Buzz was enormous, so they might have just extended everybody’s FPPs somehow to avoid people taking so long in the FPP line even getting to the touchpoint that their passes expired.

It’s possible that they’ve changed it but I certainly wouldn’t take the chance.