Grab and Go Savory Breakfast

Where are some good places for a quick on-the-go breakfast with savory options (breakfast sandwiches, bagels, burritos,etc), and what are some items you’d recommend? I see lots of ideas for a quick sweet breakfast, but I’m looking for something less sugary.

Bonus points for places around Wilderness Lodge and the entrances to parks :wink:

Maybe Roaring Fork at WL?


Definitely Roaring Fork at WL - they have 2 breakfast sandwiches. I don’t know about the parks because we typically eat something quick in the room

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Found this:


Thank you, that was a great article! Does anyone happen to know if the Starbucks in the parks carry their regular breakfast sandwiches? The article mentions whoopie pies there, so I’m hoping that means they have more food options (and their bacon Gouda sandwich is my favorite!):crossed_fingers:t2:

seems you are in luck on the bacon gouda (according to TP)
Same with AK starbucks:
and same with trolley car in HS and same with Fountain View in Epcot (although they are moving in the fall)

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Just be aware that the lines in all the Starbucks can be epic long and slow in the morning!


yep! which is why I choose to eat in my room

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DD21 always insists we stop and There Goes my RD plan!!!


That would be my DS’s as well, especially DS 25

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Awesome & thanks again! I didn’t know the Starbucks menus were on TP, I need to poke around a little more for other menus I had questions about!

Thanks! That might defeat the defeat the purpose of “grab and go” so I’ll check out WL sandwiches first!

At what time does room service starts at resorts? I can’t seem to find the time anywhere. We’re staying at the Wilderness Lodge.

Sorry. no clue. This is from 2018 but may still be true:
but it’s expensive and can be very slow; you’d be better off ordering breakfast food from Amazon Prime Now or Garden Grocer (although they are not cheap either, but certainly better than room service)


We had good experiences with Roaring Fork for breakfast this past May when we stayed at WL.

I picked up oatmeal before heading to AK. Another morning, we got a breakfast flatbread and shared it between 3 adults. They packed it up to go for me and I ate it at the bus stop while waiting. I think the hot food items started serving at 7 am, but I’m not sure as we were there around 8 am.

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yea. I think if you are not keen on buying cereal and eating in your room then roaring fork is a good option at WL

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I may be about to give false hope, but has anyone checked if the park Sbux locations allow mobile ordering, either through MDE or the regular Sbux app? Because if so that is a major timesaver.

According to the Disney Parks Moms Panel, Sbux mobile ordering wasn’t available in the parks (as of Summer 2018). I reeeeeeally hope they change that soon though, it would be fantastic!