Grab and go H20

So I typically don’t carry a water bottle (I like to travel as light as possible). I grab the cups at QS restaurants. However with Covid, thinking that is not as easily done? Anyone taken notice?

It’s not as easily done. You may have to wait in a line, but you can still do it. There are water bottle fill stations all over the parks as well. I’ll try to find a link to the locations.

(TP blog has all the details for each park.)

Oh I hadn’t heard about the full stations. Maybe I’ll carry one this year.

It’s easier to get free water from places that don’t have mobile order set up. They have CMs guarding all mobile order sites and only allow those w/ a pick up order on their MDE. I’ve not tried to just get water though. I’ve watched ppl go to the pick up window at Sleepy Hollow and get free water :wink:


If you don’t want to keep up with a re-usable bottle you can do as my husband did. He bought one bottle of water and kept refilling it. No big deal if he forgot it somewhere.


That might be my approach - I usually take one from the room and then make it last as long as possible. If it makes it all day - yay for me and the environment.

I did hear about a water pouch by a company called vapur. I see them on Amazon so might order to check it out. If it folds to fanny pack size, I might try it out.

We used water pouches similar to this Vapur one back in 2016. Ours did not cost nearly that much, though.
They worked, but were a bit clumsy to deal with. It did not help that back then there were no filling stations, only fountains. They were also not the easiest to clean, so we did not use them much after that vacation.