GPS to Attractions?

Does anyone know of any app that will guide you as you walk directly to a certain attraction so I’m not wasting time trying to figure out how to get to it? The GPS enabled feature on the official Universal app doesn’t seem to do that. At least that I can see.

You can do this right in Google Maps much of the time…

For example…

I’m not sure it works quite so well for Universal.

Oh ok. I didn’t realize you could use actual ride names in Google maps. Thanks!

Ah. I see. I should have tried UOR instead of MK rides since this was a UOR question! :slight_smile:

I just used the simple map printout from my TP. Then I added any places other than attractions. Like restaurants, etc.

UOR is not nearly as hard to navigate as WDW. It’s just a circle. It doesn’t take too long to learn locations and get a feel for it.


Sounds good.

Sounds like a good feature for UOR TP 2.0 app :eyes:


Especially since the Universal app doesn’t have it.

Julia M reported in February about one of the new projects using GPS and turn by turn walking directions for WDW. How is that working out?


:joy: I suppose if RRR really banged you around a lot…

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