GotG: Mission Breakout - Line Pre-show

Hi Folks,

Really looking forward to our first try on GotG:MB during our next trip in a few weeks.

Our two kids love GoG, MCU etc. but are not quite ready for the intensity of the drop ride. Looks like the lobby / pre-show is pretty awesome and was hoping they could get that experience without being scarred for life by the drops lol…

For those that have been through, do you know if rider swap will work on this particular attraction for my wife and I to take them through?

I don’t know about rider swap, but I have done the pre-show at GotG and ToT (at WDW). I would say the one at GotG is better. It’s funny rather than scary.

The typical rider swap for this attraction is at the front entry with the non-riders waiting outside. But after the pre-show, it is possible to exit the attraction rather than ride - just tell the CM in the boarding area that you want to exit. So there are a couple of work-arounds:

  1. Easiest way would be to tell the CM at the entry that you want to see the pre-show and see if they will let you all go through while still taking advantage of rider swap. Presumably they will say yes and give instructions.
  2. If you are going standby, tell the CM at the entry that you want to do a rider swap and they will set you up with the “Fastpass.” Then enter with your entire party and wait in the line together. The first swap team exits the attraction after the pre-show, then re-enters through the FP line after the first set of riders gets off.