GotG Fastpass strategy

Hi all, I see that the touring plans suggest proceeding directly to GotG to get a fastpass, but I question this logic? Why line up for 20 or more minutes as soon as the park opens just to get a fastpass? Shouldn’t we be riding something or getting an easier-to-get fastpass then returning to GotG later in the morning to get a fastpass? It just seems like that first hour in the park is too precious to waste in line… or am I missing something?

We were just there last week. We did get a GOTG FP first thing, because the line was not very long compared to the standby line. We got to the gates about 7:45 for an 8am open. Hung out near Disney Jr until 7:55, then they started taking FP guests to the line. Got our fastpasses at 8:05 for 8:50-9:50am. We then rode other things until 8:50, when we pulled a RSR fastpass before riding GOTG. So getting the FP did not waste time, in my opinion. We have typically started the day heading to TSMM first, but now that it has fastpass there is no reason to do that. GOTG is my new favorite ride in California, it is so much fun!

I would say that the reasoning is because by the time you come back later, the fastpasses will be gone for the day. When Radiator Springs Racers opened, the fastpasses were gone within in hour of the park opening.

As @kp0485 said, the FP’s will be gone quickly so don’t wait too long to get one. Plus getting one at 8:05 meant we could get another FP at 8:50. Getting one at say 9:30am means you will be blocked from getting another for any ride for 2 hours (as the return time will be late in the day). GOTG FP’s were gone all 3 of our full days by 3 hours after open, including EMH time if they have it that day. They are allowing EMH visitors to get FP’s during EMH now, which did not use to happen.

I just went to California Adventure yesterday (July 6) and used a similar strategy. We parked in the Toy Story Lot and pulled up to buy our parking pass at 7:07 for an 8AM opening. We parked, loaded the bus, and got off the bus at 7:26. In line at California Adventure by 7:30. The gates opened around 7:40, where guests were held at ropes in various places throughout the park. I split up from my family and had them get in line by the ropes for Radiator Springs Racers and I got in line for Guardians Fastpasses. At 7:56 they started walking us to the fastness machines. I was about 15th in line and got 8:05-9:05am Fastpasses for Guardians at 8:02am. Then I speed walked through It’s A Bug’s Land and took the shortcut to Cars Land to meet up with my family. They were about 50th in line for Radiator Springs Racers and let people pass until I could catch up to them. I went through the single rider line to get to the front of the standby line to meet up with them. Rode RSR and got off at 8:16. Then we went to get RSR fast passes which were for 9:25am on our way to guardians. Rode guardians with our fast passes and got off around 8:40. Then we went to Toy Story and did that once standby and then got fast passes for it once it was 9:25. Rode TSMM with our fast passes for the second time before returning to RSR to use our fast passes. It worked great for my family and I would recommend this plan to anyone else!

Thank you so much for these replies!! This is excellent information- ok so we will stick to the plan more or less and just proceed to GotG right away. We are first timers so I am really grateful for the wisdom :smile: