Got another AP good for 15 months

Hi all! So, I debated and debated, and debated some more, and I went ahead and purchased a new seasonal AP. My old one expired in November and I didn’t renew it then. With the 15 months, and knowing I will be in Orlando at least twice within the next year, I couldn’t pass it up. I’ll be doing another combo WDW/UOR trip in August and then a primarily wildlife photography based trip next January (when I will use the lowest AP rate UOR hotel as a home base) and then possibly another WDW/UOR combo trip next May. Whew! :blush: Hope to run into some of you in the next 15 months!!


Awesome!! The 15 months is such a great deal!

I’m not saying it would be impossible!! I thought I had 2025 theme park plans settled, but talked to DW this week. She has thrown me for a loop! Don’t wanna hijack your thread / good news with my stuff!!

So happy for you!! Yea!! :partying_face: :tada:


I bought a 3 park power pass that I plan to use in a few years last summer when they were running the 15 month deal then. I don’t plan to return to 2026, but the deal was good enough to take a chance and buy now.


How was the rest of your trip???

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Some good some bad. I wrote things as they happened, so when I have time I was going to type it up to share.