Got a PIN offer, need help deciding - Poly @ 30% off vs Beach Club @ 20% off


We’re looking to take another trip 4/30/15-5/5/15. We thought we had made up our mind to try the Beach Club this time since I had guessed at being able to find a 30% off Deluxe resort promo. That still might happen when public offers come out for that time period, but as of tonight I got a PIN code offer for 20% off at Beach Club and 30% off at the Poly. (others were in there too, but those were the two we’d been considering)

The price is now comparable between the two with the Poly “only” ~$125 more. My wife isn’t that into Epcot, and DHS is under major work at that time so being close to them isn’t that big of a deal. So I guess I’m looking for advice. We had really liked the idea of the Beach Club for the pool since my wife and kids love some pool time. We’ve never stayed Deluxe, only Moderate (CBR and POFQ previously).

I’m leaning towards still booking the Beach Club and hoping a 30% off offer becomes available at some point. Thoughts? I’ve also heard rumors of some Beach Club renovations coming up. The idea of being a short monorail ride away from MK does sound nice!


From Poly its a short walk (depending on what building you get )to the TT center to catch a monorail to Epcot. But the pool at the beach club is awesome, the kids loved last time. Not sure that helped though :wink:

We love Poly for its feel (they welcome you home and call you cousin!) and its location. We do a lot of RD to mid-day tours in one park and then end with a few hours at EP for dinner or end at MK. It is really nice to take the boat to MK or the monorail to MK and EP. In fact, the only reason we don’t stick with a moderate resort is that it’s so tough to lose that convenience.

Poly transportation options are better than any other resort to multiple parks IMHO if you stay in one of the buildings closest to the TTC. We also love the Poly (staying AKL CL this time, though)- as it is a very ‘friendly’ resort. Not that the others aren’t, you just are part of the ‘family’ at the Poly. You have to stay there to really understand this- it is quite a different experience. Convenience to the MK is the biggest draw for us, as well as a short walk to the monorail station. Being able to watch the fireworks from the beach is another draw. Booking BC now and hoping for an additional discount does not mean that your room type will become available for a given discount, so pre-booking guarantees nothing because it comes down to room types available for a given discount- and they vary from resort to resort and also vary from promotion to promotion (assuming there is a promotion for that time period). If it were me and we had the code- we would be booking the Poly- 30% is a pretty good discount. Not an uncommon amount for that resort, but it is a decent discount. My 2 cents.

Thanks for the replies! Some good points we hadn’t considered (fireworks, proximity to TTC). We’ll have to talk it through. I suppose this is a good “problem” to have.


We LOVE YC/BC. (Actually, I like YC lobby a tiny bit better because it’s so peaceful, all rooms have balconies, and we love Captain’s Grill restaurant and being the first bus stop.) The pool is utterly beyond unbelievable. Agree, having the choice is a good problem to have.
P.S. BC renos are done - all rooms were refurbed this year. YC rooms will be done sometime in the upcoming undetermined future, also.

Why not split the stay?

I know you’re all waiting on pins and needles for the outcome of this one <HA!> so here you go:

The Poly wins.

We were at a wedding over the weekend and got to talking to some friends who had stayed there and they just raved about it. I know that the pool at the BC is probably a winner, but the idea of being on the monorail is something we’ve always wanted to try. And adding in the fact that on this trip EP and DHS aren’t as big of a draw for us sort of led us in the direction of the Poly. We booked last night. Come on, May 2016!

Thanks for the help and advice!