Gosh, so many rides were down today

I’m a newbie to Disney, but we were at the parks today and were so disappointed at how many rides were closed for technical difficulties. We arrived at 2 PM, right along with afternoon rain showers that put every single outdoor ride out of order for 5 hours or so. But the kicker was that sooooo many of the indoor rides were also down. At one time, Space Mountain, Country Bear Jamboree, Small World, and Haunted Mansion were all also down for technical difficulties, and that’s on top of every single outdoor ride. (And those were just the ones that we tried to ride, but were turned away.) Is it normally like this?

We had a FP for 7DMT that converted to an anytime, but the FP wait was so long we couldn’t make it work with child swap once it reopened. So we went to our next FP for Space Mtn. It was up again, but then went down again so my husband didn’t get to use his swap. We were told up the swap would expire and not get extended. We then rode Buzz with our third FP, so we effectively only managed to use that one FP the whole afternoon. We asked a cast member if they could extend the anytime FP so we could get the kids to bed. He did, and I happened to snag my only extra FP for Tink on my way out of the park. We badged in but waited for over 30 minutes without the FP line moving even a single person. We left without seeing her to find that it had used our everytime for me and my husband, but the Tink FP for my daughter. So the anytime FP were effectively gone since my 5 yo can’t ride alone. Gah. I can’t even bring myself to stand in another line to see if they can fix it. We stood in soooo many lines today that ended in the ride going down with nothing to show for it. So much waiting out terrible rain. So many times arriving at a ride to find it down. Over and over.

That’s really sad. If you are still at the parks and going back to MK tomorrow, I’d definitely go to City Hall and let them know your issues - especially if you get there before RD, so it won’t take time away from other things. At the very least make a phone call tonight to guest services and see what they can do.

They don’t give rain checks, but with so many rides not operating and so many FPP issues an extra FPP for tomorrow isn’t out of the question. GL! I hope your tomorrow is more magical.


This sounds like an exceptionally bad day. This is not common. I’m sorry your day went so poorly :pensive:


I agree with Darkmite, give them a chance to wow you. Sounds like a bad day, and definitely not normal, but a chat, call, or even email to guest services may get you a wow in return.


Wow, that sounds like a very unusual experience and I am so sorry it was yours. I hope they blow you away with pixie dust when you talk to them about it.


My husband stopped at the front desk last night and they have us back the anytime FP. They also gave him a new FP for Space Mtn, but we’re going to have to beg the CM at the gate to let my 5 yo on with him since the swap expired. They wouldn’t give us one for her too. It was her first roller coaster ever and she really wanted to take her dad. They are both really disappointed all over again. It sounds like with so much going wrong yesterday there just isn’t enough pixie dust to go around.

I’m really hoping today goes better, but we were supposed to go to BB this morning and have late afternoon FPs. Right now there’s a 75% risk of thunder storms from 10-1 PM. Do we go and risk not getting to swim at all or try to do a park with no plan or FP?

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Yikes! I’m so sorry! What time is BB? After your day yesterday RD might get things back on track! Maybe go to SM first thing and ask for rider swap. Hoping things are better today!!!

We had a really lovely day yesterday at Blizzard Beach and Epcot, but we’re back at Magic Kingdom today and there are sooooo many maintenance problems again. We did EMM and 7DMT was down the whole time. We were planning to RD Space Mtn, but that’s also down. Splash Mtn is also closed. That’s 3 of 4 headliners.

We were supposed to hop to Animal Kingdom after EMM, but they told us we don’t get FP for 7DMT if it opens before noon and we’ve left. We have to stay or forfeit our FP, despite paying for EMM. This blows.

That would anger me, since one of the primary reasons people would be willing to pay for EMM at MK would be for an opportunity to ride 7DMT.


They told us we have unlimited FP rides before noon, but it’s 11 AM and the ride is still down. I’m sure the FP line will be enormous once it opens, so we may get one ride… if it even opens.

I saw on chat that the 3 rides were down - that’s really appalling.


I just called Guest Relations and they’re offering nothing. They extended the FP window until 2 PM, but the ride isn’t open and my kids need naps so we can’t stay. I’ve never been more frustrated.

I think this is now a situation where, despite the seeming injustice of it, you have a decision:

  1. Be mad and upset about it, and let it ruin your overall impression of the vacation.


  1. Just let it go, accept the fact that you are still in the most magical place on earth and find remaining ways to enjoy your time there even if it means you aren’t going to get the ride what you had otherwise hoped. There is still plenty to do.

Number 1 is easy. Number 2 isn’t. But number 2 will ultimately leave you happiest.


I have this booked for a July date for 12 people. If this were to happen I also would be so frustrated. I;d be standing at the Guest Services counter until I could talk to the President of Disney and he denied me a refund. (or security ejected me from the park which would be self defeating) I hope you are able to get the refund you deserve.

If you haven’t already, I would physically go to guest relations instead of calling. I have seen other reports complaining about the down rides and folks seem to be getting much of a response than you are. But all that I have noticed seem to be physically going to guest relations. I am so terribly sorry about your experience!!! I would also keep detailed notes on what has happened (your post here probably have done that for you) and I would be emailing Disney about it too. But none of this is how you want to spend your precious vacation time or how you should have to spend your vacation time. I am not sure I have ever heard of someone experiencing what you have let alone with essentially no offer to try to make things right for you.

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Agree to try not let it ruin your time but I’d try the guest services at your hotel or parks today. That’s crazy. It so expensive that inwould be looking for some compensation.


I wanted to see what the Disney website says about this kind of thing, and technically speaking, I think they don’t have to really do anything.

“All attractions, entertainment and experiences are subject to change without notice.”

This kind of verbiage can typically be found on most amusement park websites to cover themselves when ride closures happen, etc.

Not saying it still isn’t disappointing, but there does need to be a point where you have to just move on. Fact is, Disney doesn’t really have to do ANYTHING for you. The fact that they provided anytime FPs for so long is something to be thankful for and hopefully you took advantage of!

They don’t have to do anything, but they should. And they regularly provide great responses to far smaller issues.

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If you use Twitter, I would tweet @WDWtoday and politely say how disappointing it is and explain that your kids need naps. And I’d probably mention it at front desk if you’re staying onsite. But then I think you may have to let it go. Although I wouldn’t take my own advice, I’d seethe about it for days. But it wouldn’t get me anywhere.


Just wanted to say I’m so sorry for your frustrating experience at MK. I am leaving in 22 days for my family’s first trip. We are also doing EMM and if 7DMT is down, you guys will probably see me on the 6:00 news. I hope your day has gotten better!