Gorilla Falls?

I need something to do between KS and FOLK. We plan to start at KS for RD and then do the 10 am FOLK. Would you recommend trying to walk just part of Gorilla Falls? Do you have a favorite part that we should skip to?
TP has us arriving at KS at 9:15, but I’m assuming we’ll be there a bit earlier for a true RD.

Take your time there!!! I love that trail. Of course the gorillas are the main feature. But there’s a ton to see and do there.


I’m not sure that’s an option for us. AK is a 1 day park for us with mid-day break so squeezing it in might be the best we can do.
Would you prioritize this trail over Discovery Island trails? Over the Asia trail?

Yes and Yes.


I think your idea of going through Gorilla Falls at that time is a good plan. Obviously the gorillas are the main draw, but the other enclosures that you go past on the way are also very well done. Depending on crowds, it may be hard to “skip” the other exhibits. Personally, I like the Maharajah trail more than Gorilla Falls, but that’s mostly because tigers are one of my absolute favorite animals. Also, the trail itself is much prettier (the architectural elements are amazing). The Discovery Island trails are a casual walk-through, and although I always walk them, they are much less interesting than either of the two others; kind of something to do betqeen FFPs and ADRs…

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I should add that there is no way to walk just “part of” Gorilla Falls; it’s a single continuous pathway that takes you past/through all of the enclosures. The Gorillas are just about the last thing on the trail.

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Yes, this! You will end up walking all the way through.

The TP algorithm gives it 20 minutes, which is the time it will take to walk through. Now I always spend about an hour, even longer sometimes, because we stop at everything. The hippo pool is mesmerising., and if the gorillas are active that adds time too. From there, it is a quick 5 minutes maybe to the exit.

But you will still need to walk all the way through.

I don’t think you will have time. If you do KS and GF you will be late to FOLK for 10am. We tried this in June and had to see the next show.

Thanks, everyone! That’s really helpful!

I’m completely reworking my plan with 40 minutes for each of the two trails. I decided against the Nemo show and I’m moving FOLK to the evening after sunset, so I think I have room for both now.

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We did the trails early in the morning. It was fantastic! Everyone was at Pandora, so we were alone, enjoying the animals. All the Cm were bored and ended up having a private tour! The CM was like, you’re celebrating, I’ll give you a private tour if you like! Lots of fun.

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Oh that’s awesome! We will be doing Gorilla Falls right after Navi at RD with FP so it should be pretty empty! We’ll probably do Maharajah around noon.

We did Maharajah right after RD Navi and Dinosaur, so that should be great for you!

Gorilla Falls, being right next to KS, gets a lot of “oh, what’s this?” traffic with the non-planners. You actually have to kind of “look for” the start of the Maharajah…

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I was planning on arriving at EMH and spending the first hour making our way around Gorilla Falls before our 9:05 KS FP. Glad to hear this is a solid plan.


Love it! So nice and peaceful there!