I wanted to bring along my go pro this trip, and need to bring the mount to stabilize any videos I make. the problem with this is the mount turns into a selfie stick, which I will not be using, but it does look like one even when folded. Do you think i’ll be stopped by security ?

Also, when they take up something during security check, do they trash it or let you pick it up later?

this is the product. I will be using it in the folded up state:

It must be recent with the selfie stick thing. I haven’t been there for a couple of years now, but they were all over the place. I have never seen anyone stopped in the park for using a selfie stick. If you go through security try to make it inconspicuious. If they say you cannot have it, they will store it in a security locker for you until you leave.

If it looks like a selfie stick they won’t let you take it in the park. If it looks like a tripod they will. Can you unfold the little “feet” ahead of the check to show that it’s a tripod…?

We are here and not a selfie stick in sight. Taken out during bag search.

Thanks so much for the replies, my husband found a way to unhook the extension part, problem solved hopefully!