GoPro Stick

I know that phone selfie sticks are not allowed in Disney Parks. I have a GoPro that I carry on a small stick (four inches) just because it’s hard to carry the camera by itself. It can be expanded like a selfie stick but i don’t use it that way. Will I be allowed to bring it?

I think it is unlikely that they will let you in the park with it if it expands. I saw a couple of people have their selfie sticks examined and confiscated whilst we were going through security last week. But they may not notice it because its a GoPro rather than a phone selfie stick.

I don’t know for sure, but as it’s really more of a “handle” than anything I expect it would be OK. I have a 4" mini-tripod that I’ve brought in many times with no problems.

If it will pull out like a selfie stick, then NO you can’t bring it. We had a Go Pro on a non extending stick and they checked it every single time.

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Not only will Security Ask you, but i Had several cast members ask me if it was an extendable pole as i walked with mine around the park.

This is what i used in the park for my handle. And was allowed in, but was asked several times.

we have had no problems bringing in a gopro on a short handle. they did check it every time we went through security to confirm that it didn’t extend at all.

This is what we used as well, never was even questioned.