Google Maps adds WDW parks to street view


This is fantastic news! I love this!

I am curious how they get to 11 parks, though. The article mentions that it only includes parks in the United States. Even if you include both water parks in FL, I only count 8 US parks.

Must be that new math I’ve heard so much about :joy:

Counting in base-7?

Ooh, very nice!

My employer does not thank you…

It appears at least Disney Springs is included as a “park”, so that brings it to 9.

Call me a curmudgeon if you like - Disney Springs is not a Park. Humbug.

Still, if you count Disney Springs (and, correspondingly, Downtown Disney at DL), that still only comes to 10.

I just can’t get their math to add up.

When I do a search on how many Disney Parks come up, the number is 11 if you count globally and DO NOT count Disney Springs and the water parks:

(2 Anaheim, 4 Lake Buena Vista, 2 Tokyo, 2 Paris, 1 Hong Kong)

Of course, there is also Shanghai Disney, which makes 12. Hmm.

That explains the number, then.

Now, if only the article didn’t expressly say that it only includes US Parks!

Some editor did a ^$&*@^%57@#@( job on this one.


Come on people remember 5 out 4 people can’t do math.

Yeah…well, 83% of people make up statistics on the spot, so I’m not sure I can trust you…


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So based upon the weekly AllEars newsletter, the 11 “Parks” this article refers to are:

  1. Disneyland park
  2. Disney California Adventure park
  3. Downtown Disney District
  4. Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort
  5. Disney Springs dining and retail locations
  6. Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  7. Disney’s Animal Kingdom, including Pandora - The World of Avatar
  8. Epcot
  9. ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex
  10. Typhoon Lagoon Water Park
  11. Blizzard Beach Water Park

While I may quibble over the article’s definition of “Disney Park”, at least now we have our answer!