Goodwincredibles Invade Orlando!

Hello all,

In June of 2016, I made the decision that, with my two sons ages 6 and 4, it was time to take them to Disney. I am from a very tight knit family, so we invited the whole crew along. The long and short of the trip are as follows:

We have 12 members of the family going
Me (29)
Wife (27)
Son (7)
Son (4)

Dad (55)
Mom (53)
Brother (24)
Soon to be Sister In Law (24)

Sister (31)
Nephew (9)
Nephew (7)
Niece (5)

We will be at Disney for 5 nights beginning July 8th and departing July 13th. My parents, my siblings, and me have all been to Disney twice. These trips took place in 2004 and 2005 and, after reading the forums on this site and others, I am stunned at how we survived. We showed up after RD, had no reservations, did no pre-planning…we loved the trip, but in hindsight, I can see just how great we can truly make it with a little planning. We will be staying at the All-Star Movies for a myriad of reasons. We will be in the parks for four days, with no PH, just one park a day with a rest/resort/DS day. Here is the intinerary:

Saturday July 8th:
Arrive at AS Movies for check in at 7:00 a.m. We will be coming from our stay in Ormond Beach (we are from Michigan but have Blue/Green time share). We will have car rentals, but want to check in to make sure tix are activated etc. We will spend the day in Epcot (I plan on sharing my TP once it is put together.) We are on the Disney Dining Plan, and have one reservation at Via Napoli for the pizza. Leave mid day to check in to resort, return for Illuminations

Sunday July 9th:
RD DHS. All kids want to do SW JTA. We have a Hollywood and Vine Fantasmic! package. Dinner and Sci-Fi. ToT, TSMM, and JTA are musts along with B and B stage show.

Monday July 10th:
RD AK. This is the day I am stressed about. We currently have reservations at Tusker House and our Mickey Travels TA is looking for ROL Dining Package. Have no clue how we are going to do this day yet.

Tuesday July 11th:
We are winging it. Aside from a BBB reservation for niece, the whole day is up in the air. May even drive to Universal if kids aren’t exahausted…

Wednesday July 12th:
BOG early ADR at MK. Hopefully take advantage of ADR for mine train and PP. Lunch at Cosmic Rays, dinner at CRT at 7:00.

Thursday July 13th:
10:45 at Chef Mickeys and headed home.

I know it is a bare bones sketch, but any feedback would be great. I will be adding details as the trip approaches.


My only thought is the mystery day. After having survived a trip of Disney and Universal last year, with just myself and my teenager, it’s tough. That said, you know your kids/nephews/nieces best.

Outside of that, looks like a great sketch! How awesome that you are all able to make the trip together!

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Looks like a fun trip outline. Are you taking breaks or full days RD to close on your 4 park days? It is july! If long park days, I would relax, swim, explore DS for your break day. Don’t schedule BBB too early in the day so your niece can swim, etc without messing up her princess 'do if that’s on the agenda.

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I think that mystery day is probably going to be best spent relaxing. I’ve gotten so excited and I want to cherish the vacation so much, that I keep wanting to add things, but some relaxation by the pool sounds like a great day before our RD to close at MK our last full day. Thank you!!!

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We will be taking a break during the Epcot and DHS days, but with RoL and Pandora, and with MK being our last day, we won’t be breaking at AK and MK. I am hoping that a touring plan with long TS meals and well timed sit down shows will give us enough break to avoid traveling all the way back to the resort for a breather.

Thank you so much for the BBB advice, I had not even thought about that. We will definitely get our pool time in before BBB.

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Looks like a good plan to me. I like that you have a rest day in the middle, personally a trip to Universal maybe a bit too much (though I am a fan!) I would hang by the pool or go and visit some of the resorts, maybe it’s a chance for your family to do something less structured and do their own thing.
I agree that planning a trip now, even up to a couple of years ago, has become very military like. I’ve a trip coming up in Autumn and this is the first time I have been fretting a little about planning. But then I remember it’s a holiday and not to get too caught up in plans, you will have a fab time, no matter what!
Hope you and all your clan have a great trip :grinning: