Goodbye CEO Bob Iger, Hello Ambassador Bob Iger

Bob Iger being considered for United States Ambassador to either the UK or China in the Biden Administration.

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Interesting. Especially since there was some talk toward the end of this last election cycle that Iger was considering a run. It has been discussed recently that an ambassadorship to China is a good way to begin to fluff-up the political resume of an otherwise not usually politically-involved individual.

I’ll be curious to watch this one.


I wonder if he’ll open an embassy gift shop that you have to walk through on your way out of the building. Perhaps September - December he’ll close the embassy early on most days and hold up-charge ticketed parties with souvenir t-shirts and State Department M&Gs (the only opportunity all year that you can meet the ambassador in person)



The Most Diplomatic Place on Earth


I’m not an Iger fan, so if I weren’t an American this would please me.

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Good news for Shanghai Disney/Hong Kong Disney or conflict of interest?

I watched an interview with Bob Iger earlier this year where he described the opening of the Shanghai theme park as the highlight of his career. He mentioned in that interview how some employees unexpectedly found an old photo in Disney’s archives of Xi Jinping’s father visiting Disneyland in the '80s, and how emotional the Chinese leader became when Iger presented him with that picture of his dad. If our nation is going to switch to a more cooperative international approach with other countries, we could do a lot worse with someone other than Iger as an ambassador to China, IMHO.