Good TP's or Bad TP's? You Decide

Here is a list of my TP’s for our trip.

8/23/2015 - 8/28/2015

Critique away!

A couple of totally picky things that you can completely disregard:

  1. On Day 2 Part 1: I’d swing up in Frontierland after 7DMT and do BTMRR/Splash and Tom Sawyer and THEN head down to the Magic Carpets… the trek down to Adventureland then back up may feel a bit awkward.
  2. Day 1 After Dinner: That’s a LOT of standing around meeting characters and smiling for photos with NO little adrenaline bursts (rides) to break things up. It would be easy to add in a ride on Pooh or Dumbo or IASW or the carousel to add the feeling of “motion” and activity to what otherwise may have potential to feel like a reception line by the end of the evening.
    That’s all I can see so far. Sounds like a great time to go!

On Day 4 - Part 1 you have a large block of Free Time before you go to Flame Tree, so you can easily fit in another activity. maybe one of the exploration trails, or The Boneyard if your kids are young enough. Also, you have KRR as your third activity of the day - that will make for an uncomfortable morning if (when?) you get soaked. I usually put it as the very last thing before leaving the park.

On Day 2, I noticed you have no FPP selections in MK or HS. At first glance, I’d say to use them for the Toy Story, Tower of Terror, and Star Tours. Schedule them 5:00-6:00, 6:00-7:00, and 7:00-8:00. Even though the first time partially overlaps with your dinner, you’ll have plenty of time to ride in the back end of your FPP window and still have room for two more FPP before Extra Magic Hours begin. If single rider works for your group, then I’d use that option for Rock n Roller Coaster.

Also on Day 2, the two hour break between Magic Kingdom and the Studios isn’t much time for any rest. If you’re just looking to stop in the hotel and freshen up, then it’s fine.

Day 3 looks like a long day, with no break. There’s also a long time between dinner and Wishes, so I’d bring a snack or plan to buy one. Might be good to plan a 10-15 minute break somewhere in the evening. You might be able to get some time back by stopping at a FPP kiosk on the way in the Magic Kingdom and seeing what’s available. You might be able to get one for Little Mermaid (Peter Pan and 7DMT will likely be “sold out” long before).

I figured on our first night, we’d get the characters out of the way. If we can fit in some rides, we’d definitely be up for it.

I usually try to tour each land before moving to the next but I figured I’d leave it the way TP set it up but I’ll probably end up doing it my way.

I thought the same and figured I’d play it by ear.

“I figured on our first night, we’d get the characters out of the way.”
Bwahahahaha… that’s a really really awesome idea in theory, and I expect (hope) it will work better for you than me with my evil spawn ( :smiling_imp: :imp:) : I discovered with DSs 3&5 last fall… sometimes once you realize a character can be “met”, you just want to meet them. Over and over. And over. And over.
We met Ariel five, count them FIVE times. :princess: :trident:
Belle THREE times. :princess:
Buzz THREE times. :rocket:
Mickey FOUR times. :mouse:
Chip and Dale twice. :gemini:
As I watched my beautiful touring plans fall in tatters about my feet, much like Cinderella’s pink dress. Lol. :cocktail:


LOL. My kiddos are older so I think, I hope, once will be enough for the teens.

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August 31st

I fixed the day 2 part 1. Thanks!

I don’t have FPP’s yet but I’m trying to see how the parks would look before I book them. I will most likely do what you said and save them for the 2nd park of the day.

On Day 2, we might not even break. It’s Day 3’s dinner that I want to look nice for.

I added a break into Day 3.