Good park hopping itineraries

Anyone know where to locate some good park hopping itineraries? Just trying to find some ideas. I’m going to focus on EMH (use, but hop to a park with lower crowds around lunch), but I thought it might be nice to see what others have had success doing.

I don’t have a specific itinerary, but I like to hop between HS and Epcot since it’s so easy. One park in the morning, then FPP booked for the other in the afternoon.

Sorry, I might have a TP somewhere, I’ll have to check.

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Tapping into HS and then going to EP for morning and early afternoon has been a recommended strategy to avoid the morning insanity that occurs with RotR BG.

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We have done 4 parks in one day. It really depends on what you are looking forward to do in each park.

An easy hop is between HS and EP as mentioned above. You now have several ways to get between the two parks. The skyliner is super fast, even though you have to switch lines.

If you are super keen, you could do Rope drop at HS, move to EP and then take the monorail to MK.

One trip we went to AK first thing in the morning, Rode EE, KS and Dinosaur. Got out and hopped over to HS. Rode ST, TSMM and did Charter drawing (you can see how old this is now :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Hopped to EP via boat and found Donald Duck to sign the drawings we madein HS. Rode Soarin’, TT and SE

Took the monorail over to MK, had a treat at the bakery and rode PotC, Splash and finsihed it off at the ice cream shop.


If you’re interested in reading trip reports I’ve seen that a lot of people who bother do to trip reports plan a lot of park hopping. For me it’s been something we’ve done when the military discount only offered 4 park days and I wanted more time in MK than just one day. So, we’d do AK in the morning and then switch to MK. But I think we only did that once—I like AK a lot, and they added Pandora and nighttime stuff after that trip where we only did a half day.

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Having long ago broken through the FOMO (gotta see and do as much as possible) barrier … we hop to eat dinner and catch the night time entertainment at another park.

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That is pretty much my m.o.
Epcot resorts put you in walking distance to two parks. Hopping travel time is something to really consider. I usually go hardcore in the am (always, am emh,) and then relaxed stuff in the pm park (like shows, fireworks, and easy to get FP stuff.) That way if I work the FP system and score good ones, it’s not a huge deal to “miss” something else. If no park has am emh, we’ll RD the park that had emh the previous day.

Thanks everyone. I think our plan includes most of your suggestions.

We are early morning people so we plan to do the park with EMH in the morning most days and hop to another park later.

We are likely doing a split resort stay (maybe 3 resorts) trying to do parks near the resorts to limit travel time. For instance, we are doing a full MK day, staying at Bay Lake, and doing a half day the following morning before hopping to AK. Then likely over to Beach Club for a few days or the rest (maybe a couple days at AKL because we love it). Doing parks away from our resort, back to the resort for a midday break, and then head to a park close to the resort to limit travel time a second time for the afternoon/evening.

It feels like it might be harder to plan with hopping, but I think it will make it easier to balance the days. We found some parks had too much walking (Epcot) or crowds (MK and HS due to RotR) for our kids. So some days they got cranky from walking and other days cranky because of the crowds. Also planning more breaks and meals to keep them happy since we have more days than our last trip that was only 4 days.

Our last full day is going to be a kids’ choice. The oldest (6) wants to do a 4 park challenge right now, but the youngest (4) just wants an extra Epcot day to ride Test Track as many times as he can. We still have 9 months so who knows how many times that will change before our trip.

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The plan right now is:

1 full day at MK (with DH’s family, relaxed pace due to various ages and mobility issues; some may take a break in the afternoon). DH’s family leaves after this.
Morning at MK / Afternoon at AK (with ROL)
Late start with morning at Disney Springs / Afternoon at Typhoon Lagoon for a couple hours / Epcot Future World for 4 hours
Morning HS, lunch and rest at resort, Epcot Showcase and dinner
Morning AK (EMH), Blizzard beach & golf for 3 hours or so, resort for dinner and rest, HS in evening for 2 hours (Fantasmic)
Morning MK (EMH), resort rest, HS for dinner and GE.
Saturday and Sunday - not sure yet. Probably use it for any FPs I wasn’t able to get during the week and plan around that.

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