Good FPP availability on 8/28 and 8/29 as of 7/31

Getting closer to my 30 FPP date. I was reviewing 8/28 and 8/29. I see lots of FPP times for everything, except FoP, SDD, 7DMT. I mean good ToT, Rnr times, early PP times and NRJ.

Just something I noticed. Anybody else notice this too?

Yes, I see this before pretty much every trip. I have a “FP+” tab in my spreadsheet where I make a list of the Fastpasses we want to book at 60 days, along with our preferred time and what other times will work if I can’t get exactly what I want. I also check and record 30 day availability for “our” rides regularly to see if there are any changes in how fast the Fastpasses are going. It’s been quite interesting to see how demand has changed, e.g Frozen. Once SWGE opens it will of course be a whole new ballgame… :slight_smile:

Right now it is really good, at HS because of the way they set up the tiers. Everyone is complaining about this. Maybe because they do not understand how it works. Maybe because they figure on spending all their time in SW:GE. I love it. I was sort of hoping it would go back to the old way before my trip in November, but now I hope it stays like this. We could FP RnR and ToT and maybe even TSM so many times. I am super excited.