Good Breakfast

My family really enjoys a good breakfast. In the past Kona was a special request. The menu has changed and isn’t as appealing. We aren’t interested in characters. Any suggestions?

I thought Kona only dropped one entree? What else changed?

I booked Grand Floridian Cafe and The Wave for my next trip.

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Trails End

DD is wishing for blueberry pancakes.


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Oh, I didn’t realize they used to have those. I have always been focused on the pineapple macadamia nut pancakes :grinning:

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For a non character breakfast I would pick Boma (goat cheese scrambled eggs and bread pudding french toast). The Wave and Grand Floridian Cafe are good choices too.


I used the menu item search on the lines app and came up with this:

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Our favorite breakfasts have been at Crystal Palace, Tusker House, and California Grill brunch (Sundays only)


Another Boma vote

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Boma and Tusker for food, and there is a lot of overlap on the dishes. Crystal Palace to hug Pooh, not so much for the food, which is fine, but

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I don’t remember blueberry pancakes at Boma?

Thank you for the suggestions! I like trying new restaurants

I answered before I saw the blueberry pancakes thing. I’m not a blueberry fan, so I’ve never paid attention to who has them and who doesn’t.

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Oh, I didn’t see the blueberry pancake part either.
They are an option for brunch at CG.

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How was your experience at Grand Floridian Cafe? I am eyeing it for brunch during my July trip.

We really like the breakfast at Wilderness Lodge’s Whispering Canyons. The heritage skillet, all you care to enjoy.

It is the one ADR I have repeatedly dropped. I really want to do it but my son just doesn’t seem interested.

I was eyeing it for my mom and I to try in July, but we are staying at the Dolphin and I don’t know if it is worth the extra effort, time, or money (if we Lyft there). I wish Magic Kingdom had a good breakfast option. I like BOG, but it is a little pricey for breakfast.

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I have never heard anything but great things about it.

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