Gonna drop some Hollywood Studios Fastpasses

Hey, got some spare fastpasses for April 6th and April 8th, that I scooped up to keep some flexibility on my Hollywood studios days. Gonna drop them in the next couple of days, so if anyones interested, let me know and we can try and sync it up.

They’re as follows:
April 6th -
MFSR 10:30 - 11:30
RnRC 1:10 - 2:10
TSM: 5:35 - 6:35

April 8th -
SDD 9:40 - 10:40
RnRC 3:35 - 4:35
ToT 6:00 - 7:100:

If anyone wants them, drop me a message

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Don’t apply to me…but I suggest mentioning how many people they are for as well.

Very good point! I’ve got 3 of each fastpass

I hope someone is able to take you up on the offer. Those are some pretty decent FPPs! Would be a particularly nice win for those staying off site (meaning, virtually no hope of getting MFSR nor SDD).

Thanks for the offer. Miss you by a couple of days.

Yeah, when I grabbed them I figured I’d definitely keep hold of them till past the 30 day window. Even if no one here wants them, it’ll still make some random persons day