Going to Universal and IOA with my 17 year old's chorus... suggestions for teens?

Hello all. I’ve never been to Universal and haven’t been to IOA since the year it opened. I’m chaperoning for my son’s Chorus trip at the end of the month and we’ll be hitting both parks on the weekend. Any suggestions for 17 year old’s? I have the Unofficial Guide and found it helpful, but are there any secrets teenagers might enjoy? TIA

UOR is a great park for that age group - let them run free and do what they want to do!


They will probably be happy just riding the coasters over and over.

I agree with both @brklinck and @missoverexcited.

Although, the number of coasters at Universal/IOA is pretty low compared to a lot of amusement parks where coasters reign supreme, there are a lot of non-coaster experiences that teens will like as well. It isn’t all about the adrenaline junkie!

Coasters: Hulk, Rip Ride Rock’it, Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure, and The Mummy (half coaster, half dark ride). There are a couple kiddie coasters as well, but not really worth the time.

Dark rides: Spider-Man, Kong, Jurassic Park River Adventure, The Mummy (see above), Forbidden Journey, Gringott’s, Transformers, Despicable Me, The Simpson’s, Men in Black Alien Attack.

There are several other experiences as well.

Yes, Universal is great for older kids. Much harder to find stuff they want to do at WDW (that doesn’t have an hour wait). U is so big that you might want to look over their offerings before you go to have a general game plan. I was surprised at how big it was after reading over and over that it was much smaller than WDW. That’s true, but it’s still big.