Going to both WDW & Universal, can't Touring Plan merge?

I’m going to WDW and Universal next week, and I have used the Touring plans to map out each day I’ll be there. Two big questions/complaints though with this subscription:

  1. My “Trip Planner” on the dashboard. Since Touring Plan seems to always view WDW and Universal as entirely different entities (I can’t “split” my stay) my dashboard only shows the one trip at a time. I cannot toggle between the two or simply view them both on the same page. Why? It is recognizing that I have the second half of my trip (aka 2nd trip) in there and it shows a number of days countdown, but I can’t access it at all! I am staying at Shades of Green for the Disney portion and the Cabana Bay for the second portion. So, how can I view my whole trip together?

  2. One day at Universal I’m starting at the wizarding world in “london” and taking the train over to “hogsmead”. I understand these are viewed as two different parks (because they are), but for the purpose of planning, Touring Plans should know that many people will be taking this route between the two parks. Why do I have to create two separate personalized plans for one day just because I take the train from one section to the other? For this day I had to start the day with the one plan, planning my rides on that half, and start a new one for the second part of the day, planning the rides in that half. These parks are connected and I think there should be an override so people can seamlessly plan a day where they travel back and forth between the two connected parks.

So this all boils down to my general problem of things being too chopped up. I have to completely separate the disney and universal trips as a whole, and I can’t even access the second trip from my dashboard (meaning it is useless), and the touring plan in universal is unnecessarily clunky if you want to go between the two parks.

Suggestions? Aside from my piecemeal trip that I have now?


Email webmaster @touringplans if you aren’t happy there is a 45 day money back guarantee.

I was actually just wondering if anyone knew work-arounds for these problems. I’d rather solve the problems or give them feedback on how to improve their product. I love the personalized touring plan, I just think there are some glitches that are worth looking into….

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I’m with you. I love TP! And I’ve noticed the same thing. I would like to make a single-day touring plan that park-hops. But that ability is not there. I’m sure what we are asking for is crazy complex to program. Honestly, I’m amazed they’ve done what they’ve done so far!! But adding some hoping to the plan would be cool.

Thank you for posting. This is exactly the issue and question I had as well. Hopefully that feature can be added or improved?!

Are you talking about your dashboard from the app? From a browser I can easily go back and forth?

By clicking on the left? (I just added a fake trip)

Edited to add that you can click through the homepage on the app to each trip on the bottom of the home page? Is it that you want to see plans side by side?

I had to create ten different travels because we hop from wd to usf. It would be great to be able to make one 14 day long travelplan including both wd and usf/ioa worlds.