Going Park to Park with Hogwarts Express Closed

My family is going to Universal and IOA this weekend. It’s been reported that the Hogwarts Express is closed and not going to reopen for a week. Does this mean to get from one park to the other we need to leave through the park exit, then enter the other part through security and the main entrance? Or is there an alternative way to get between parks other than the main entrance?

You’ll exit one park to get to the other but won’t have to go through security again. Security is in central hub before you get into CityWalk (or along garden path that connects to hotels), which connects the 2 adjacent parks. So once you’re inside you can go park to park or into CityWalk and back again without additional security. It’s an easy walk from park to park—under 10 minutes.


It’s even quicker than that.

Google Maps

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Yeah, was going to say 6-8, but decided to fudge it. Thanks for making it precise.