Going in January?

Hi! We went to WDW for the first time last Oct/Nov and we’re planning on going back next January. However we read the latest blog and we’re thinking that maybe we should postpone our trip to Spring. We want to go when the crowds are the lowest and there aren’t any Halloween or Christmas parties at Magic Kingdom since we did both last year. Swimming isn’t important. We want to go when the crowds are the lowest without long wait times on rides. From Touring Plans blog: “We have seen attractions operate at 100% capacity in April and early May that were operating at 30% in January. This can have a major impact on the wait times we observe in the parks…January – March 2019 Crowd levels in 2019 are going up on this update but that assumes that the operational capacity will be cut back as it was in 2018.” Just curious when the best time to go to WDW is for low crowds. Would going in late January (after Martin Luther King Jr holiday - last two weeks of January) or would going after Easter Break be better but before Memorial Day? We are staying for 11 nights but will go back to the room during the day for my youngest daughter’s nap. Which weeks would you recommend? Thanks in advance!

There has been much discussion about this topic. It seems as though the crowd calendars (i.e. attraction wait times) have been consistently high.

If the crowds are high, WDW runs closer to attraction capacity, but the wait times are longer because of the number of people. If the crowds are lower, WDW cuts capacity on the attractions, and the wait times stay longer because of lessened capacity.

Add to that race weekends, special events, etc. and, as others have said, it is getting harder and harder to find the “low” season at WDW anymore.

That being said… realistic expectations and a good plan will get you through.

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And just wait if the wage increase gets put through you know they will cut staff. It’s a catch 22 you want more money ok they give you more but now their bottom end goes up so they cut staff and you have to pick up the slack.

We are going in January. If you arrive on the seventh or later you will have average crowds, which you will overcome with your good touring plan. We plan as many weekday park days as we can and do resort, Disney Springs days on the weekends. Maybe we will see you there.

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I have always gone in September and the crowds are ever so nice!