Going from resort to resort

Can someone explain the times that Disney transportation is available? We are staying at A of A but have a 7:30 breakfast at 'Ohana (Poly), how do we get there? OLP suggests: Car directly there (13 minutes), Bus to MK and then Monorail to Poly (45 minutes)…I would use a car, but we won’t have one. Will the bus and monorail even be running early enough to get us to our reservation on time?

I would check at the concierge desk at AoA. They usually have a breakfast bus in the morning. Honestly I would get a cab or uber. The $20 you would spend on the cab would save you so much time and stress!

I would use Uber for sure. Way less expensive than a taxi, and lower stress than trying to deal with Disney transportation. I Uber’d from Pop to the Poly on my last trip and spent $9.

I’m thinking a taxi will probably be our best bet. From what I’ve read, since both DDs need car seats, we can’t use Uber because we won’t have seats with us for them to use and they don’t have any available in the cars.

Disney’s Transports usually start running an hour before an attraction opens. Not many parks open before 9:00am. (Be sure to double check with your resort concierge at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort.) Because of this, I would recommend getting an Uber. It’s cheaper than a cab and will alleviate the stress of getting there on time.