Going from 6 to 4

We have a lunch reservation at Tusked House for 6. 2 people in our party have now dropped off. How can we change it to 4 without losing it and/or getting charged for the extra two people?

As long as at least one person turns up there’s no cancellation charge. You can modify it but there’s no real need


Modify your reservation in MDE. It will keep the same time but drop the two people. That will give two other non-planners a chance to eat there.

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I would just show up and tell them 4 when you check in. There’s no issue in doing that.

And if you feel guilty that you deprived two folks of an ADR, you did provide an opening for two non-planners to walk up and eat at Tusker…

Here’s the thing about ADRs: they’re by table size. Modifying a 6-person reservation into a 4-person reservation is an attempt to find an available 4-person reservation that you can get instead of your 6 - unless you call Disney Dining directly. There may or may not be 4-person tables available in your existing block.

If you arrive to check in, and you have 4 people for a 6 person reservation, you will still get seated - probably (though not necessarily) at a 4-person table - making space for a non-planning party of 5 or 6 to be seated (or allowing arriving 5 and 6 parties to all get seated “one table” sooner.

The short is that you will not be charged any no show fees for checking in to a 6-person reservation with 4 people. You will probably expend much effort in trying to change it, for not a lot of gain.

Personally, I’d just go with 4, and not give it another thought.

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Totally agree - if they made it easy to change, I’d certainly recommend doing that, but DIS doesn’t make it easy. There are probably some reasons for that, but the difficulty of changing the system encourages showing up with an off number and switching in person instead.