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Do I have to have an Epcot reservation to attempt a virtual que? I have one for MK and Epcot is available the day I’m considering this, I would just hate to drop MK and not get into the que since I will be going to Epcot a different day. I’m just trying to increase my possibilities

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Yes. See the official wording here.


Yes, you need an APR for the first try and you need an APR, and to have scanned into the park that day, for the second.

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Wait! You have to be in the park at 1? Someone needs to test this!

OP asked about having an APR for EP, not about actually being in EP… You don’t need to still be in EP at 1, just to have an APR for EP and already scanned in that day.

ETA: Oh, I see where you got that wording - from the WDW page I linked. Hmmmm. I thought you only had to have scanned in. I will hunt for more info.

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Thanks for making me re-read all the rules on this.

7:00 am - Need APR, no scan in yet (park not yet open), can be anywhere
1:00 pm - Need APR, scan in, still be inside EP
6:00 pm - Need APR or PH, no need to scan or be inside EP at that time. For Deluxe guest only, on Extended Evening Hours nights.

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The wording was like that for ROTR and it was found that as long as you had tapped in you could book at 1:00 from anywhere. Assume it will be like that but until it’s tested no way to know for sure.


Ah, yes. I remember that. You don’t scan out, so who knows if they can now locate people with accuracy.

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Need APR or PH (either or), correct? I am planning to have an APR for a different park and hop to Epcot for Extended evening hours


When I posted my response I went by the RotR rules and then I read what was linked. It scared me.


Correct, if you have park hopper tickets with an APR at a different park, you can attempt to join the 6:00 VQ from any location.


Your best bet is knowing some important tips:

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Thanks for all input

I grabbed a BG once at 1pm in HS for RotR.