Go Universal! (New theme park)

I got that impression from something I read. Don’t quote me though.
ETA: We did enjoy Legoland. But then the Mancave turned into the Lego room, and the next/final addition will have a genuine Lego room. So, the rest of the family are fans to say the least.

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This is like 5 miles from my house. Crazy!


That’s so cool. Thank you for sharing.

My kids love Kung Fu Panda.

I just like the idea of more places to consider. This would be the perfect add on to a cruise out of Galveston.


I live in Austin, so a 3 hour drive from DFW, and I have made three trips just for Great Wolf Lodge in Dallas.

FWIW North of Dallas to Galveston is a 5 hour drive

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We’d have to drive back to SC. It would be part of a road trip. :+1:


So excited-

After seeing Puss and boots coaster videos we really want to do this…

Lol already checking the Hagstrom…


Oh. My. Gosh.

Puss in Boots is our new favorite movie.

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Where is this?

Is this one of the rides on the plan for Texas?

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It’s in Universal Studios Singapore.

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This is the coolest thing I’ve seen all year!! It also gives me a reason to go to Las Vegas :rofl:

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Yup Dreamworks kicked serious Pixar butt this year…

You had to see my big 6”3 - 270 Brazilian jitsu competitor sniffing in the theater….

@Shmebulock - I don’t know if this particular one is planned but seeing as the articles mentioned shrek themed areas kinda hopping they continue with that level of detail.

@motherofdaughtersthree yup!

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